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Segafredo Intermezzo

Segafredo Espresso Casa

The Segafredo Espresso Casa is the classic simple mixture supermarket and is in every Italian Supermercato between Trento and Verona offered for discount prices.

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The flavor is full bodied, spicy and strong for light to medium right. Well - it is not directly bad, he's just cheap. Thus the circle closes again, probably because it has taken many German supermarket chains in their range. Segafredo Espresso Casa is a very serious and robust full-bodied coffee that is mixed with milk for all coffee drinks is very good, or even as gourmet coffee, no sugar, I can not recommend it but at the very best intentions. Too much acid and bitter substances, which it appears hard-edged and rough. Against the milk latte or cappuccino Macchiatto he sits down but by just fine.

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Sterkte 4
Blend 50% Aribica 50% Robusta
Samenstelling Melange
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